Fee Plans

Create paid plans, charge users using Fee Plans

This is a Premium feature and this feature helps you to create paid listing packages and charge users using our Fee Plans.

Enable Fee Plans:
  1. Go to your “WordPress Admin Panel => Classifieds & Directory => Settings => Monetize Settings”
  2. Find section “Fee Plans” and enable the feature by selecting “Enabled” checkbox.
  3. Save the changes.

Create Fee Plans:
After enabling Fee Plans, you’ll get a new “Fee Plans” submenu under “Classifieds & Directory” menu. Site Admin can create/edit/delete fee plans under this submenu.

A Fee Plan form will allow you to set:
  1. Plan Name
  2. Plan Description
  3. Fee Amount: Price for the plan.
  4. Listing Duration (in days): Number of days a listing under this plan is published for.
  5. Categories: Categories the plan belongs to.
  6. Publish: Publish fee plan.

When you’ve fee plans added, your users will be requested to choose a plan when submitting listings from the front-end. If the plan requires payment, then he/she will be charged using one of the payment gateways you’ve under “WordPress Admin Panel => Classifieds & Directory => Settings => Payment Gateways”.

ACADP Fee Plans Settings

ACADP Fee Plans