Upgrade Notice

This page assumes you’re using our 1.5.1 version.

In 1.5.1 version,

“Single Listing page” was completely re-designed. Prior to this version, our single listing page used a 2 columns layout, bootstrap model to show contact form and tabs to display Images, Video and Map. But, this design idea had lot of issues in some themes and so we started receiving lot of tickets. So, we decided to re-work in this page.

How the new page looks?

Tabs are removed and the 2 column layout has been changed to single column. Contact form added directly to the page instead of model window. And, this version introduces some new widgets specific to the single listing page.
The Widgets are,

  • ACADP Listing Address
  • ACADP Listing Contact
  • ACADP Listing Video

Listing “Address”, “Contact the listing owner” form and the “Videos” are no more the part of the actual content display in the single listing page. If you want to show them in your single listing page, you need to add the above widgets to your website’s sidebar. These widgets get displayed only in single listing pages.
Check our DEMO to see how the latest page looks.

OK, I’ve upgraded to 1.5.1. What should I do now?

You just need to add the widgets mentioned above to your website’s sidebar.

Having something to say? Kindly submit a ticket with your website link.