Misc Settings

Permalink Slugs

“Advanced Classifieds and Directory Pro” uses Custom Post Type called “acadp_listings” for the listing pages. So, a typical listing detail page URL will look like below,
Here, the ugly string “acadp_listings” represents the CPT we use. But, luckily you can change this by adding your own string (example: listing, directory, etc…) in the “Listing detail page” field of this section.
NOTE: This string must not contain spaces.

Socialshare Buttons

Enable Services

At present, the plugin supports 5 social sharing services listed below,

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google plus
  • Linkedin
  • Pinterest

Using this setting, you can configure what services/buttons to show. More options coming soon.

Show buttons in

Enable or disable social sharing buttons in the following pages,

  • Listing detail page
  • Listings page
  • Categories page
  • Locations page

Map Settings

API key

Your Google Maps API Key.

Zoom level
0 = zoomed out; 21 = zoomed in

ReCAPTCHA Settings

Enable reCAPTCHA in

Enable or disable reCAPTCHA in the following pages,

  • New Listing form
  • Contact forms
  • Report abuse form
Site key

A valid reCAPTCHA site key

Secret key
A valid reCAPTCHA secret key

Terms of Agreement

Agree to terms

Check this to show an agree to terms on the listing form that users must agree to before submitting their listing.

Agree to terms label

Label shown next to the agree to terms check box.

Agreement text

If “Agree to terms” is checked, enter the agreement terms or an URL starting with http. If you use an URL, the “Agree to terms label” will be linked to this given URL.