Using Premium Features

The following FAQ section is only for our PREMIUM users.

1. How can I add multiple categories to a listing?

  • Go to “Classifieds & Directory / Settings” from your “WordPress Admin Panel”.
  • Select the “General” settings tab.
  • Scroll down to the “Multi Categories” settings section.
  • Check the “Enable / Disable” checkbox option.
  • That’s it. Now, the listing form will allow you to select multiple categories for a listing.

2. How to Create Paid Plans?

You can either use our Fee Plans option or the WooCommerce Plans option. Both the options can be activated under your “WordPress Admin Panel / Classifieds & Directory / Settings / Monetize” page.

Note: You just need to enable/use one. Do not enable both the options at once as this may create some unexpected issues.

3. What is the difference between “Fee Plans” and “WooCommerce Plans”?

The differences are,

  • Fee Plans – uses our own Payment Gateways. At present, we support “Offline (Manual)”, “PayPal” and “Stripe” payment gateways.
  • WooCommerce Plans – are simply WooCommerce products created using the special product type “Listings Package”. You should have WooCommerce plugin installed to use this option. With this option, Payments, Emails, Invoices and all other payment related actions are handled by the WooCommerce itself. This option is particularly useful when you need a payment gateway that is not supported by our plugin.

Note: Both these options are not inter connected. For example, if you use “WooCommerce Plans” for few weeks and later switched to the “Fee Plans”, the user orders are not carried forward to the other plans option. So, the users who have purchased plans using “WooCommerce” will still need to pay again even though they have active subscription with the “WooCommerce Plans”. So, please be careful and choose one of the option wisely to handle your listings plans before pushing your website live.

4. Where can I configure the Payment Gateways for the “Fee Plans” option?

You can configure the Payment Gateways under your “WordPress Admin Panel / Classifieds & Directory / Settings / Payment Gateways”.

Please refer for more details.

5. I do only charge users to promote (featured) their listings. So, they don’t want to pay me to submit their listings in my website. Is this possible?

Yes, Possible.

Go to the Monetize settings page. Enable “Featured” Listings. Disable “Fee Plans” and “WooCommerce Plans” options. Configure your payment gateways. That’s it.

6. Can I showcase the featured listings as a banner in my website Home Page?

Yes, simply use our “ACADP – Banner Rotator” widget or the [acadp_banner_rotator] shortcode. Please refer for more details.

7. Can I display the listings in a slider / carousel?

Yes, possible. Simply use our “ACADP – Carousel Slider” widget or the [acadp_carousel_slider] shortcode. Please refer for more details.