Enable Recurring payments with Woocommerce Subscription

Create Subscription plans, charge users recurringly using WooCommerce Subscription

This is a Premium feature and this feature helps you to create Subscription and charge users using WooCommerce and WooCommerce Subscription. Plans can be created using any or all of the following criteria:

  • Is Listings Subscription?: Check this option if this is a listings subscription product
  • Listings Limit: Number of listings an user can submit using this plan. Add “0” for unlimited number of listings.
  • Listings Duration: Lifetime of each listings submitted using this plan. Add “0” to keep listings submitted using this plan permanent.
  • Images Limit: Number of Images an user can submit using this plan.
  • Featured: Listings submitted using this plan are automatically graded as “Featured”. Featured listings are always displayed at the top of other normal listings.
  • Categories: Plans can be created based on “Categories”. So, you can have different type of plans for different categories.
  • Disable Repeat Purchase: Check this option if this plan can be purchased only once per user.


  • Advanced Classifieds and Directory Pro – Version 1.5.8+
  • WooCommerce Plugin
  • WooCommerce Subscription Plugin

Enable WooCommerce Plans:

  1. Go to your “WordPress Admin Panel => Classifieds & Directory => Settings => Monetize Settings”
  2. Find section “WooCommerce Plans” and enable the feature by selecting “Enabled” checkbox.
  3. Select “Product Type” as “Subscription (WooCommerce Subscription plugin required)”
  4. Save the changes.
Important Note:

Featured Listings are now part of our “WooCommerce Plans”. So, disable “Featured” settings under the plugin’s “Monetize” settings tab to avoid any conflicts.

Creating Plans:

Our Subscription Plans are nothing but the WooCommerce products and added under their “Products” menu.

  1. Go to “Products => Add New” from your WordPress admin site.
  2. Add a “Title” & “Short Description” for the Plan/Product.
  3. Scroll down to “Product data” section and select “Simple Subscription” from the dropdown.
  4. Fill in the following details under “General” tab,
    • Subscription price
    • Listings Limit
    • Listings Duration
    • Images Limit
    • Featured
    • Categories
  5. Click “Publish”. That’s it.

Now, your users will be requested to choose a plan when submitting listings from the front-end. Since the payments are handled by “WooCommerce Subscription” itself, the orders created by users will not be logged under our plugin’s “Payment History” tab and you will need to check these details under the “WooCommerce => Orders” menu and you can view the Subscription details under the “WooCommerce => Subscriptions” menu.

ACADP Woocommerce Subscription Settings

ACADP Woocommerce Subscriptions