Edit Single Listing Page

Our Single listing pages are Custom Post Type “acadp_listings” and they cannot be found under “WordPress => Pages”. Normally the layout for posts is controlled by single.php of your theme. Since ACADP listings are Custom Post Type “acadp_listings”, they will use the same post template (single.php). So, you can Override the single post template (single.php) from your theme, like “single-acadp_listings.php” and do your changes inside this file. Kindly refer https://developer.wordpress.org/themes/basics/template-hierarchy/#single-post
And you need to contact your theme support team to add/remove the sidebar and navigation.
But, if you just want to alter the listing content displayed, then you will need to override our listing detail page template. Kindly refer
You will have to override the /wp-content/plugins/advanced-classifieds-and-directory-pro/public/partials/listing/acadp-public-listing-display.php file