Delete ACADP Pages

Below are the pages that we create and the shortcodes that we added on those pages. You just delete the pages that you don’t need.
For example, If you delete the Listing Form Page, there won’t be a Listing form in the front-end by default.

If you need the Listing Form again, You need to add the Listing form shortcode [acadp_listing_form] on any of your pages and select this page on the Page settings to make it work.

Listing form page = [acadp_listing_form]
Listings page = [acadp_listings]
Locations page = [acadp_locations]
Single Location page = [acadp_location]
Categories page = [acadp_categories]
Single category page = [acadp_category]
Search page = [acadp_search]
User listings page = [acadp_user_listings]
User Dashboard page = [acadp_user_dashboard]
Manage listings page = [acadp_manage_listings]
Favourite Listings page = [acadp_favourite_listings]
Checkout page = [acadp_checkout]
Payment receipt page = [acadp_payment_receipt]
Failed transaction page = [acadp_payment_errors]…[/acadp_payment_errors]
Payment History page = [acadp_payment_history]
Login form = [acadp_login]
Registration form = [acadp_register]
User Account = [acadp_user_account]
Forgot Password = [acadp_forgot_password]
Password Reset = [acadp_password_reset]