Custom Fields

The default listing form will only contain the form fields that a standard WordPress POST form uses. But, there are cases you may like to have some additional fields in your listing form based on listing categories.

For example, let us assume that you have a “CAR” category in your classifieds website and looking to add a drop-down field option called “Brand
Name” in the listings form. So, a seller can select the brand name of his car when posting his listing on your website and the visitors of your website can search cars by “Brand Name”. Here is where the CUSTOM FIELDS feature comes in handy.

All the fields in this form are self-descriptive.

Site Admin can create/edit/delete custom fields under, “WordPress Admin Panel => Classifieds & Directory => Custom Fields”

Available Field Types

Field TypesExample
TextMobile Model Number
Text AreaMobile Features
SelectMobile Brands
Radio ButtonOld/New
DateManufactured Date
DateTimeAvailable Date and Time
URLLink to Purchase the Mobile